The Debate Show

For months now we've been watching a series of kick lines fatuously called debates. The formula is essentially the same:  a moderator, or moderators, presses a slowly diminishing number of Republican candidates for their party's nomination with a variety of questions, mostly irrelevant, idiotic and quite obviously designed to make the questioner look good and all of Obama's potential opposition look weak, venal and stupid. My online friends at Just One Minute have tagged this phenomenon, "The Debate Show," a quick way to convey the content free talent show aspect of it all.  I confess I haven't been able to sit through even one of them.  I hate television and from the date Brit Hume announced his retirement, I've turned it off,  joining my husband in watching it only when one of those super HBO series, like Rome or Deadwood is on.  My impressions of The Debate Show are based solely on those of the live bloggers and the portions of the transcripts my favorite...(Read Full Article)