Take This Job, and Keep the Change

Every era in American culture has its signature song.  For the late 1970s, the era of gas lines, stagflation, and national decline, it was Johnny PayCheck's "Take This Job and Shove It."  The song expressed the nation's sense of  frustration -- not just with overbearing bosses, but with a failure of leadership at the top.  PayCheck's expression of gleeful retaliation against those on the top expressed just what most Americans were feeling.  A great malaise has descended on America, and its bungling leaders -- chief among them Jimmy Carter -- seemed incapable of doing anything about it. PayCheck's signature song, written by David Allen Coe, tells of an embittered factory worker whose 15 years on the same job have only drowned him in debt and caused his "woman" to leave.  Anger at his foreman and line boss has welled up to the point that he dreams of retaliating, if only by suddenly quitting and walking away.  Unable to do so, he carries on, buoyed by...(Read Full Article)