South Carolina Can Settle the 2012 Un-Civil War

The Republican primary election cycle seems to have broken down into all-out war.  While Newt Gingrich has gone over to the dark side and supports the meme of the left and the Occupy Wall Stree -types, Rick Perry's campaign has started a new funding idea for his campaign -- Romney ring tones!  Of course, as with all ringtones, you just sample your "favorite" part of the song, and Perry did so with gusto, leveraging Newt's latest Romney attack. Even the irascible Ron Paul chastened his colleagues and told them they didn't understand the free market.  And through it all, Romney has continued to paint a vision for the future, stay on message, and...well, win! Having just spent the last several days in New Hampshire, I can tell you that people are fired up.  They are interested in not just voting, but voting with conviction.  Having attended a number of the candidates' rallies and visits together with interviews of voters, I got the distinct impression that...(Read Full Article)