Settling for Mitt Romney

If the eyes of most conservative Republicans, Mitt Romney is too wishy-washy, a flip-flopper, and, worst of all, a RINO (Republican in Name Only).  Mitt's primary victories aside, these critics insist that his mushiness reflects poorly on the current party system and that the GOP should offer a full-fledged conservative alternative to Obama. That criticism misunderstands the design of American politics.  The system is supposed to produce moderation, not "full-strength" candidate such as Ron Paul and Rick Santorum.  That "real" conservatives trail behind demonstrates that everything is functioning according to plan. Let me offer an analogy that simplifies how the system works.  Imagine five people going out for pizza, each with distinct preferences -- e.g., anchovy, black olives, pepperoni, green peppers, and mushroom.  Further assume that at least one person strenuously objects to the preference of every other -- for example, a vegetarian abhors pepperoni but...(Read Full Article)