Saving Private Fido

One early morning not too long ago, I was walking along the concrete banks of Brush Creek, a channelized waterway that runs through the heart of Kansas City, when I saw something I had not seen before: a dog swimming in the creek. I had, of course, seen dogs swim in lakes and ducks swim in the creek, so I did not give it much thought, but then it dawned on me that it was a whole lot easier to get in this concrete creek than to get out. I knew this from experience.  A few years earlier, I had been walking along the edge of the creek, as I often did, when I got lost in thought and stepped off into space.  I immediately knew I was going in the water, but as in the cartoons, it took about a half hour to get there.  On the way, I had time to contemplate the absurdity of what could happen.  I had just finished writing a book on the mysterious demise of TWA Flight 800.  It was due out in a month.  At least a dozen people had told me to "watch my back." What they...(Read Full Article)