Sarah, Newt, and the GOP Establishment

In her Facebook post of January 27, Sarah Palin characterizes this week's rash of articles attacking Newt Gingrich as employing "tactics of the left" and using "the politics of personal destruction to attack an opponent."  She claims this "opposition dump" constitutes "Alinsky tactics at their worst" and, as many have suggested, intimates that the articles criticizing Newt were a coordinated assault by the GOP Establishment. Her commentary is as much an endorsement of Newt as it is an indictment of those who do not support him and went public with their views.  I've never met Sarah Palin.  I've never been to a Tea Party convention.  But I am a Tea Party leader on the Bay Area, where it isn't easy being a conservative.  I'm also a proud member of the Republican Party, although not part of the leadership. I do not have a dog in this campaign, but I do have a preference which I try to keep to myself.  As someone who spoke out against a Newt nomination in a...(Read Full Article)