Ron Paul: The Ghost in the Political Machine

The ghost in this lengthy Republican nomination process is Ron Paul.  Few of his opponents know quite what to make of him, while in turn he pays little attention to his opponents.  Indeed, he has less to say of President Barack Obama than his party rivals do.  Having listened to his remarks in at least fifteen of these media jamborees, I have heard hardly a word about specific, concrete differences with the Democratic Party leader. So what, then, prompts this dedicated "also ran" to stay the course?  With the game of Ten Little Indians just about played out in the Republican primaries, the question remains: why is Ron Paul still standing?  Better yet, what makes the good doctor run?  The purpose of this brief overview is to provide some empirical answers to a metaphysical candidate. To start with, the reasons for this curious situation do not so much reside in his political strategies to secure the nomination as they do in his philosophical...(Read Full Article)