Romney: Flip-Flopping or Open Minded?

We all want others who don't see things our way to change their minds.  When they do we are pleased.  Those who refuse to change their minds appear stubborn, dogmatic, contentious, and closed to new ideas. Is Romney a flip-flopper?  It's a valid charge, although I disagree with the tone of the expression.  I prefer to call it open-minded and flexible.  Remember Clinton moving to the center after he lost Congress in his first midterm election cycle?  Was that bad?  No.  Clinton flipped and flopped all the way to the welfare reform act, reducing capital gains taxes, and reelection.  Or put it this way: Suppose your previous girl friend loved tulips.  Extrapolating and being romantic, you therefore bring your wife tulips for your anniversary, but she yawns and says she doesn't like tulips.  Are you going to bring tulips next time?  If you're smart, you'll bring roses.  Ramming tulips down her throat isn't going to get you...(Read Full Article)