Response to Robert Small

Robert Small's latest essay didn't address any of the (irrefragable) arguments from my two prior evidence-based rebuttals (here, and here) -- as per relevant Western, not Islamic, Sharia-compliant standards --  about the Nadhlatul Ulema's (NU's) faux "moderation", and the ugly, living jihadist legacy wrought by the NU, as well other examples of "moderate" Indonesian Islam, within Indonesia. Now Small proffers the "lack of Indonesian Guantanamo (Gitmo) inmates" as somehow "proving" his (previously and thoroughly debunked) delusive fantasies about indigenous Indonesian Islam. Conceding that my colleague Andrew C. McCarthy and I have (ever narrowing) differences about the propriety of the use of the term "Islamism", Small's current essay claims, wrongly, in my view, to be supporting broader arguments ostensibly made by McCarthy about "Islamism." I don't accept that premise because of Small's rather selective sampling of McCarthy's published views, as well as a very informative...(Read Full Article)