'Pro-Choice' Obama Forces Religious Institutions to Pay for Abortion Drugs

President Barack Obama, a lifelong champion of abortion, is hell-bent on forcing religious institutions to pay for birth control and abortion drugs coverage for their employees.  New regulations implemented by the Obama administration mandate that sterilization options, abortifacients (abortion drugs), and contraception services must be included in virtually all health plans, including those offered by Christian charities, church-based hospitals, Christian universities, and other faith-based social services agencies.  Obama now demands that his anti-life and pro-abortion agenda be supported not only by our tax dollars, but also by the donations of Christians who consider the destruction of human life morally abhorrent and an abomination.  Abortion is held in such high regard by President Obama that he is willing to violate the First-Amendment religious rights of millions of Americans in order to impose and fund his agenda. On January 20, 2012, the Health and Human...(Read Full Article)