On the Intellectual Inferiority of Liberalism

Liberalism used to be a respectable position for intelligent, well-meaning, and informed people. That was a long time ago. No longer. Today the "liberal" faith requires an extraordinary act of ignorance, purposeful forgetting, and constant spinning. To be a faithful "liberal" today you have to forget the whole 20th century, and its 100 million victims of the radical left -- that is, victims of Obama's brand of leftism. You have to shut out of your mind the fact that Obama hails from today's Chicago Machine, the most storied and undemocratic political machine since Boss Tweed. You have to ignore the bloody history of black nationalism in America, where Obama's hero Malcolm X was assassinated by the followers of Elijah Muhammed. You have to ignore the racial blackmail that has controlled American politics since the rise of the post-MLK "civil rights" movement, when all the heroic actions of a few civil rights campaigners like Martin Luther King, Jr., was taken over by dangerous racial...(Read Full Article)