Newt Gingrich and the Rise of the Flawed Conservative

Hard to believe that the old white establishment politician may be just what the doctor ordered for Republicans in unseating Obama in the next election. And the Democrats are shaking in their custom baby seal-lined leather boots at the prospect. The surge of Newt Gingrich is a shock to a Liberal America which just three plus short years ago elected the man they believed would be the next coming of Jesus, the Great Half-Black Hope, and every Marvel Comics superhero combined. Democrats realize that for Gingrich to even have gotten to this point means one thing:  Obama has serious issues. What should scare Democrats the most about the possibility of a Gingrich presidency is the fact that Gingrich is fatally flawed.  Conservative candidates are supposed to be perfect.  In the recent South Carolina debate, Romney mentioned his wife of 42 years, Santorum mentioned his wife and seven kids, Ron Paul mentioned his wife of 52 years; then there was Gingrich.  Standing before...(Read Full Article)