Mitt, the Outsider

I've read a bit in recent days about Mitt Romney's Mormonism being an issue for some voters.  Religious bigotry is almost as dead as racial bigotry as long as the practitioners of a religion also follow our secular legal system and respect the rights of others.  I think the real issue voters have is what the decades he spent living in a culture as alien to Mormon values as modern Massachusetts might have done to Mitt Romney. For a very long time there was a heavy stigma attached to being a Mormon, though it should be noted that it was not an issue when Romney's father George was considered a possible early favorite for the 1968 Republican nomination.  Mormonism came up only as an aside to the question of whether George Romney was qualified because his parents, both U.S. citizens, were residents in Mexico when George was born, and they moved back to the U.S. when he was three years old.  That said, I do recall snide remarks about how many grandmothers, aunts, and...(Read Full Article)