Listen Up Girls: This is the Way Things Work

Scenario:  The girl decides she is going to have sex with her male friend, taking their casual friendship into what she believes will be a romantic involvement.  She follows her plan and comes away thinking the sex is great, and they spend as much time together as possible.  Soon, though, she's trying to figure out why he's acting strange, why their relationship is falling apart, and why their longstanding friendship is ruined. Lessons:  In just about every area of life, there are rules that result from knowledge about how things work.  People's experiences show them the best way to do things.  Some rules are mandated by the laws of nature, others by the properties of the elements involved.  Other rules are inherent in the situation because of predictable outcomes.  Still other rules involve parameters laid down by our Creator, because He understands what works best for the happiness, joy, and long-term well-being of His creations. Think of some...(Read Full Article)