In Defense of Libertarians

Throughout the primary election season there's been a group unfairly villainized by the rest of the Republicans.  Not the establishment (they can't be villainized enough for giving us McCain and trying to keep folks like Rand Paul from getting elected in 2010) -- I mean libertarians.  Republicans like to villainize libertarians for infiltrating their party -- but refuse to acknowledge that being libertarian and being Republican are not mutually exclusive.  I wish someone had told me, but apparently all self-identified libertarians are the same caricature of a Ron Paul supporter who refuses to debate and instead just shouts "Neo-con!  Neo-con!" at everyone with whom he disagrees.  I'm not what you'd call a "Ron Paul libertarian"; I don't think he's the end-all, be-all personification of what a libertarian is or what libertarians must believe to fit the title.  Love him or hate him -- which seem to be the only two options -- I'd like to believe that...(Read Full Article)