If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem...

Daniel Seidemann, the author of "The Myth of Undivided Jerusalem," published by The Atlantic, is the founder of Terrestrial Jerusalem, an "Israeli" non-governmental organization that works to prevent developments, even if good for the city's residents, from taking place if said developments leave the city indivisible.  The top three donors of this NGO are The Norwegian Foreign Ministry, The Swiss Foreign Ministry, and The British Foreign Ministry -- all of whom want Jerusalem divided -- according to the organization's own website. The article is part of the effort of The S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace to "help reach a just and comprehensive peace that will bring an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict." As laudable as the search for peace is, many would argue, as I do, that agreeing to the terms of the PA -- or the EU, for that matter, not to mention Hamas -- would not result in peace in our time any more than such wrangling did in Chamberlain's time....(Read Full Article)