Harry Reid: Friendly like a Rattlesnake

On  Sunday's "Meet the Press," in his usual ingratiating tone of voice, Sen. Harry Reid urged Republican lawmakers to abandon their partisanship and join him in passing everything Democrats could dream of. The GOP House, he said, had been "led over a cliff" by Tea Party "extremists" and thus misled into supporting unpopular positions such as their temporary opposition to a 2% payroll tax cut. As a final gesture of goodwill, the Democratic leader said that he hoped Republicans had learned their lesson and would not repeat their mistakes in the future. It's reassuring to know that we have such sensible, even-handed men as Harry Reid in charge of our government. I have to join him in urging that both houses of Congress work together and get things done. And I'll begin by listing six fundamental items upon which all reasonable persons should be able to agree, no matter what party they belong to. Balance the budget by cutting spending. All private citizens must balance their...(Read Full Article)