Gilad Sharon on His Father

Gilad, Ariel Sharon's youngest son, documents his father's life and times in the book Sharon.  Having been a close confidant, Gilad was able to comb through his father's archives: personal notes, diaries, and correspondences, to name a few.  The reader is able to gain insight into Sharon as a father, military hero, and prime minister.  American Thinker was able to interview Gilad Sharon about his book and his father. The reader quickly becomes aware that the author very much loves, respects, and reveres his dad.  When asked about this, Gilad commented, "The personal side is the one I enjoyed writing the most about since the public was not exposed to this part of my dad.  He was a close friend, warm, loving, with a great sense of humor.  The world only saw my father's other side, the strong and dominant personality." Regarding his father's health after his debilitating stroke suffered six years ago, Gilad acknowledged, as he has in the book, that he and...(Read Full Article)