Fidelity: Should It Matter?

Should marital fidelity matter in a political candidate?  And yes, I am talking about Newt Gingrich.  There are many who would scoff at the notion.  Certainly, there were a large number present at the Republican primary debate who delighted in booing down John King when he questioned Gingrich on his ex-wife's allegations.  A delight that was only surpassed when their favored excoriated the value of the question and the questioner, with a perfect fury that smacked more cold calculation than any true genuine emotion.  For as Mr. Gingrich was undoubtedly already well aware, his greatest positive exposure throughout the campaign to date has come when he has rounded on the hopelessly biased left-dominated mainstream media, and let loose with both barrels.  And didn't Mr. King's question give Mr. Gingrich the perfect opportunity to do just that?!  Enabling Mr. Gingrich to garner to kind of publicity that no amount of money can buy.  Publicity which...(Read Full Article)