Dear Tea Party Patriots: We Are Family

As we enter the year which will make or break America as we know it, I wish to remind all of you that We Are Family.  Together, we took the House, and together we must take the White House. In my travels across our great land, six times on national "Our Country Deserves Better" and "Tea Party Express" bus tours, I have been blown away by you -- your dignity, your sense of right and wrong/good and evil, your love for America, and your desire to see all Americans succeed. I have been moved by your passion to save America. After the initial round of Tea Parties, which were themed "our country is moving in the wrong direction and something must be done about it," you began taking action: organizing, writing books, making informative videos, writing songs, and designing games to teach our kids the Constitution.  I am so proud of you guys. In my travels, I have heard countless stories about how Obama's economy has devastated lives.  But to their credit, these patriots...(Read Full Article)