Daydreaming about a President Perry

I know, I know.  Gov. Rick Perry came in fifth place in that dumb Iowa caucus, where genuine Republican voters were probably in the minority.  He has announced that he is returning to Texas to reassess his campaign, but I hope it's only to change gears and not to quit. I have been following the GOP candidates from the beginning, and while I have felt positive about nearly all (except Ron Paul), only Perry has inspired the same feeling I had as a teen in 1960 when JFK ran for president.  However, it wasn't until Bill Clinton's inauguration that I realized that my excitement for JFK had nothing to do with the potential glamor of a young couple in the White House, but rather what he campaigned on. I saw the thrill of victory at Clinton's ascent to the White and tried to equate it with the one I felt for Kennedy, but instead, all I felt was amazement at how undiscerning American voters were.  JFK was a war hero, Clinton a draft-dodger.  JFK's bimbos were...(Read Full Article)