Brian Williams v. Crowd: Who Is More Intelligent?

When you compare the substance of the so-called rowdy mob debates in South Carolina with the serious Brian Williams exercise in Florida, there is simply no contest.   Yes, it is true.  The substance of the supposed cockfights in Carolina was actually far more intellectually important and informative than anything that was accomplished in Tampa.  Frankly, what these debates must have are intelligent, concerned, and rowdy crowds to keep the feckless and clueless liberal moderators on the subject of anything important.  Moreover, their reaction to the passionate and articulate defense of conservatism is a good way to motivate the candidates to keep articulating conservatism with passion too.  It's a win-win.  And for the media and other liberals, it's a lose-lose. Without the crowd as a governor, so to speak, Monday night in Tampa, what we saw was a tortuous exercise where supposedly valuable time was wasted discussing the difference between sugar cane...(Read Full Article)