A Defense of Ron Paul and Political Boldness

A recent editorial by Adam Yoshida published on American Thinker struck us as quite strange in its criticisms of presidential candidate Ron Paul.  Instead of going after the usual red meat (i.e., Paul's non-interventionist foreign policy or the racist remarks published in old newsletters that Paul claims he did not write and has since disavowed), the author goes after Paul for being a bad libertarian and basically for being too bold.  Stranger still, the author gives the impression throughout the piece that he is himself a libertarian, or at least a strong sympathizer with the libertarian cause. In his piece, Yoshida poses several questions to which we feel obliged to respond.  First he asks, "By what means do you suppose that a President Paul would get his economic program -- a return to the gold standard, the abolition of the Federal Reserve, the overnight abolition of a large portion of the federal government -- enacted into law?" First off, it needs to be stated...(Read Full Article)