Warning: If There's 'Nuance,' You're Being Had

Clear speaking and clear writing are foundational to clear thinking.  These concepts do not imply a crude command of language or understanding, but rather a solid command of thought.  Unfortunately, clarity of expression is too often confused with primitiveness, and obscurity (or even gibberish) is too often confused with sophistication (or the dreaded nuance).  These confusions are especially common in liberals and so-called intellectuals. In many ways.  When you next hear or read this phrase, try to imagine what the many ways might be.  Invariably, "many ways" refers to just one, or maybe a few, possibilities.  This idiom is not just meaningless; most of the time, it is mendacious, meant to vaguely indicate the existence of even more unspoken insights, which usually do not exist. Sort of (and its variant "kind of").  This may be the most overworked phrase among liberals and intellectuals.  It is intended to indicate the speaker's unvoiced...(Read Full Article)