The Righteous Israeli

Since beginning to write for the American Thinker, I have "met" some incredible people via e-mail.  I was recently sent this letter that reflects the poignant thoughts of an Israeli citizen-soldier who must battle the physical toll of incessant war, as well as the ongoing assault by an indifferent world that cries crocodile tears, all the while ignoring genuine humanitarian problems.  Marilyn and Josh Adler shared this letter from their son Aron and asked that it be passed on "for the world to see." My name is Aron Adler. I am 25 years old, was born in Brooklyn NY, and raised in Efrat, Israel. Though very busy, I don't view my life as unusual. Most of the time, I am just another Israeli citizen. During the day I work as a paramedic in Magen David Adom, Israel's national EMS service. At night, I'm in my first year of law school. I got married this October and am starting a new chapter of life together with my wonderful wife Shulamit. Fifteen to twenty days out of every...(Read Full Article)