The Lessons of Cain

Politics and news are dirty. Herman Cain is not the first political candidate slandered and libeled by the drive-by media, and he will certainly not be the last. Why "drive-by"? Because they report and spin unverified information, without any regard to the people they defame, or worse, with the explicit aim of defaming them. Yes, defamation. Somehow, news outlets have managed to insulate themselves from the liability of defamation, by reporting other peoples' slander about public figures: slander by proxy, or by spinning facts to make things seem worse then they were: slander by error. The spectacle surrounding Cain was highly reminiscent of what happened to Jack Ryan, who was accused of having kinky sex, with his wife. It was a non-story; something befitting the rags in the checkout lines of the local convenience stores, but the Chicago "news" media, strong supporters of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, hounded Ryan about having sex with his wife. The kinky allegations may not...(Read Full Article)