The Differences between Corporate Greed and Government Greed

As the country continues to suffer from joblessness and excessive federal deficit spending, the Occupy Wall Street protesters continue to aggressively chant that the lack of job growth and national debt are due to a simple cause: corporate greed.  Corporations are wealthy and should be paying higher taxes, they maintain.  And corporations are responsible for the lack of jobs; they are allegedly sitting on trillions of dollars of cash, and their only goal in life is to take more money from hardworking Americans. This "corporate greed" rhetoric must be put into perspective.  The American people are not told that there are two kinds of social domination: 1) class domination, due to the fact that some people are wealthier than others, and 2) political domination, due to the fact that some people gain political office and government jobs1.  These are the political elites.  Media and the Democrats tell us only about the first "class warfare" kind of domination,...(Read Full Article)