The Department of Labor vs. America's Farm Kids

America was built by farmers, and to this day, farming is a generational industry for many.  So why are federal agencies, led by President Obama appointees, intent on taking steps that will undermine and ultimately destroy our nation's agricultural heartland? It's no secret that liberals hold fatty, high-carbohydrate dairy and corn products directly responsible for our nation's obesity rates.  They blame farting cows for a depleted ozone layer and consider farming streamlined animal abuse.  Yet the government's attempt to effectively ban farm kids from working on their own farms goes beyond outrageous. Under new standards being advocated by the Labor Department, youths under the age of eighteen would be prohibited from working in hay lofts, giving shots, caring for baby animals, and being in the vicinity of animals whose behavior may be "unpredictable."  For the estimated 1.3 million youths living or working on farms, this means no longer being able to perform...(Read Full Article)