Tebow and the Left's Religious Bigotry

A couple months ago, I had an on-air conversation with veteran liberal commentator Cokie Roberts, who spent a great deal of time discussing her belief that then Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney would struggle in early Republican primary states because they are heavily laden with evangelical Christian voters.  Those voters, she supposed, would struggle against their inner bigot when it came to voting for a Mormon.  Curious about this sudden liberal concern over anti-religious zealotry, I followed up her analysis with a question: "on the heels of the outrageous left-wing attacks on the Mormon church during the Proposition 8 battle in California, and given some of the recent mockery of the Mormon faith coming from left-wing commentators like Bill Maher, suppose Mitt Romney does win the nomination, Ms. Roberts.  How much worse do you think the religious bigotry of the left will be in the general election?"  Though she eventually acknowledged that yes, "there could be...(Read Full Article)