Ron Paul: Why Not?

How can Ron Paul, who counts among his supporters a sizable group of people who hope that his first act as president will be to reveal that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job, continue to draw significant poll numbers among Republican primary voters?  American conservatives evade this question at their peril, because, while he probably cannot win the Republican nomination, Congressman Paul does absorb the support of many genuine conservatives, who might, if properly engaged, be drawn to other candidates. Paul's position in the race is unique in that he is the only person running whose presence makes everyone else in the process uncomfortable -- candidates, voters, and media alike.  As a result, when he is mentioned at all, it is generally to dismiss him, rather than to discuss his ideas.  His supporters, therefore, feel marginalized, and understandably so.  One can agree with Romney's or Cain's position on X or Y without worrying about being perceived as a Romney...(Read Full Article)