Ron Paul: Iowa's Confusion - America's Ross Perot?

Ron Paul cannot be called a dark horse as Abraham Lincoln once was, because now there is too much known about him.  He is the nightmare for Republicans and a cult hero for the libertarians.  He is a friend to the John Birchers but no friend to Israel. He is charged with racist leanings from statements made on an old newsletter bearing his name which he claims he never contributed to, and a foreign policy disaster by just about anyone who has heard his views on everything from the Vietnam War to Iran.  Now some say he is Ron Paul the serious contender for the Oval Office. A former practicing physician, Paul still looks the part of a doting, somewhat stodgy old doc who would be as dependable as Old Faithful -- truly concerned for his patients, but overtly opinionated and just a bit eccentric. His followers are fiercely devoted to him and, by comparison, make Obama's sycophants look like the casual cocktail set.  These people, it is said, are ready to follow him...(Read Full Article)