Romney's Problem with Main Street

Some political analysts see the fadeout of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) as a sign that Mitt Romney won't be in for a bumpy ride over his wealth should he become the Republican nominee.  I disagree.  I also think that pundits who are embracing Romney because of his business background could be misreading the voters' mood.  There is a bipartisan feeling that what's wrong with America is that we no longer value people who actually make things for a living, that the big rewards in terms of status and income now flow to those who merely rearrange, deconstruct, and skim from what others have made.  What Romney did to earn his fortune is very hard to explain in ten words or fewer.  In this article l will discuss what I see as voters' attitudes toward wealth as it affects Romney, and the attacks that might be levied at a politician associated with the world of leveraged buyouts and venture capital. I was surprised when a couple of apolitical friends initially supported...(Read Full Article)