OWS and the Constitutional Right to Peaceable Assembly

The other day, I encountered an unusually poignant leftist argument, delivered in picture form.  The top of the picture was a bird's-eye view of campers outside a theater, their tents haphazardly amassed in anticipation of the new Twilight film's first showing.  Atop the entire scene was a single word -- LEGAL -- expressing that such an act was permissible and unchallenged by government officials. The bottom half of the picture was virtually similar, to the point that the tents were the same shade of blue.  But these campers had not gathered for Black Friday, nor for a movie, but rather had encamped themselves (mostly) peaceably for the purpose of affecting political decisions.  Atop this scene was another single word -- ILLEGAL -- denoting that these protesters were threatened with removal. Many questions quickly came to my mind, but by far the most important was whether these people indeed had a right to peaceable assembly, particularly for political...(Read Full Article)