Obama's Not Changing His Spots

It's pretty well-known that leopards cannot change their spots and that animals, whether human or otherwise, when overwhelmed, will tend to revert to those behaviors which served them best in the past. So, we come to Barack Hussein Obama and his desperate desire to be re-elected.  Here is a man who was swept into the presidency with the thinnest résumé of any in the nation's history -- one who many believe is in reality a "front" for shadowy special interests like George Soros and who knows whom else, public service labor unions, and crony capitalist backers (think, for instance, Jeff Immelt of General Electric). When "The One" mesmerized voters with oratory and slogans, he hadn't much of a record on which to be judged -- and much of that was murky and hidden from public view.  We know that he smoked pot and bummed around in college, although we don't know his grades, courses, or anyone who remembers him personally from those days.  We do know that, as president of...(Read Full Article)