Obama's Job Description

What exactly is the proper role of the president of the United States?  As we prepare for another election and strive to thoroughly vet GOP hopefuls, an equally comprehensive examination of the job to which they aspire is in order. A starting point for such an evaluation was recently provided in the 60 Minutes interview with President Obama.  Although CBS News described its segment as a discussion of "both [Obama's] accomplishments and the challenges he faces as he begins his quest for reelection," many would argue that Obama's role of campaigning has never ended. Obama revealed his own view of his job early in the interview, when correspondent Steve Kroft asked: "Isn't it your job as president to find solutions to these problems, to get results, to figure out a way to get it done?"  Obama answered: It is my job to put forward a vision of the country that benefits the vast majority of Americans.  It is my job to make sure that my party is behind those initiatives,...(Read Full Article)