Obama's Foreign Policy

David Ignatius wrote in the Washington Post, "... foreign policy could actually be President Barack Obama's strong suit as he campaigns next year." American Thinker asked foreign policy experts if they agreed. Candidate Obama in 2008 criticized President George W. Bush for being a unilateralist and having an attitude of America First through superiority.  Obama called for a change in the way foreign affairs is conducted through his concept of diplomatic engagement, having bilateral support for resolving conflicts.  The US should be part of a globalized world, engaging rogue states without preconditions.  The experts interviewed considered different areas of the world in answering the question: Is the United States better off, worse off, or the same regarding foreign affairs since Obama became President? The War On Terror The attitude of those interviewed, is that they would give President Obama a sliver of success in this arena because he was able to take out high...(Read Full Article)