Obama Bids Adieu to Kim Jong-il

Thankfully, based on smart lifestyle choices, it is unlikely Barack Obama will ever succumb to the demise that took out Kim Jong-il: a myocardial infarction at 69 years of age, reportedly resulting from "physical and mental overwork."  The president has not yet commented on the passing, but the two leaders faced a number of common issues. For lack of a better word, Generalissimo Kim Jong-il's 14-year reign could only be described as a theocracy.  Despite his inability to multiply loaves and fishes, starving North Koreans were led to believe that Dear Leader was imbued from on high with "supreme supernatural powers" such as "wisdom, leadership and military prowess."  Kim Jong-il needed no Styrofoam columns to attain "demi-god cult status." He had 500,000 "Revolutionary Research Centers" and a state-controlled MSNBC-style media with no pesky Fox News, or any other media at all. Born in the former Soviet Union, Kim Jong-il suffered from the curse of powerful leader...(Read Full Article)