Newt's Different Approach to School Vouchers

Over the past week, Newt Gingrich has caused an uproar among liberals in the media for saying that "really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habit of work."  His solution is straightforward: he believes that work-study programs should be implemented in poorer sectors of the public-school system that would hire students to do the janitorial duties of upkeep and maintenance.   Liberal commentators predictably attacked the former speaker of the House -- one of them laughably called the idea "Newt's War on Poor Children" -- without actually engaging with whether his idea would work.  However, while Newt is offering a different solution to a common problem, he, and other conservatives, could go farther by striking at the heart of the issue: the fact that, unlike many middle- and upper-class students, the poor in our country are not empowered to choose their school.  Furthermore, despite aid programs, the poor who do go to college often feel...(Read Full Article)