Newt and the Judges

(See also: Subpoena Judges? Yes, Indeed) Newt Gingrich has created a ruckus, even among notional conservatives like Mike Huckabee and former Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey, in his insistence that Congress be able to take action against federal jurists who behave outrageously.  Gingrich is not the only Republican candidate who wants to control our imperial judiciary, though; Rick Perry, for his part, wants constitutional amendments which would limit lifetime judicial tenure and give Congress the power to override judicial decisions.  Yet unlike Perry, Gingrich knows that no constitutional amendment is needed. Gingrich would have Congress subpoena federal judges whose opinions seem clearly unconstitutional.  He believes that the members of the House Judiciary Committee should compel judges to defend their opinions. Can the House do this?  Well, the tenure of all federal jurists is "good behavior."  Why in the world should we assume that a judge manifestly...(Read Full Article)