Mark Steyn Whacks-a-Newt

National Review editors have rolled out their big gun, Mark Steyn, to take whacks at the much-whacked Newt Gingrich.  Steyn's article was featured at Monday's National Review Online under the banner: "Big-Government Newt." Steyn spends four pages slicing and dicing the eminently sliceable and diceable former U.S. House speaker.  But aside from Steyn's always enjoyable trenchant humor, there's really not a lot of there there in the article.  By that is meant nothing groundbreaking on Gingrich.  The article is a laundry-list recapitulation of the "Many Foibles of Newt."  Newt is contradictory, we learn yet again -- here are the examples, mostly recycled, though Steyn does throw in a couple of novel takes, including Newt's space mirrors offering. At this point, though, what does Steyn's article accomplish that dozens of other articles haven't already accomplished at other journals across the spectrum?  Newt the Flake; Newt the Philanderer; New the Big, Goofy...(Read Full Article)