Jesus: The True American Dream

America, though often derided and hated -- perhaps not explicitly, but silently -- by the left, oftentimes experiences the opposite problem from its most ardent admirers, the conservatives.  Through their admiration, perhaps condensed most perfectly into what is known as the American Dream, men elevate a nation into idolization because the nation elevates men.  One does not have to look far to see that in American literature, in the movies, and in even the world of politics, Americans believe on a sincere level that in the United States, opportunity can be had by all who truly seek it, and that for this reason America is worthy of glorification. I am not writing this article to say the opposite is true -- that somehow America was never a place in which the poor could, through innovation and labor, become wealthy, or that America is not and has never been a land of opportunity.  But it must be made known that long before America existed, the dream had already been...(Read Full Article)