Gingrich vs. Romney: And the Winner is....

For months I have listened to friends and family share their frustration over the lack of qualified candidates fielded by the GOP.  There is earnestness among conservative voters as they understand the urgency in defeating Barack Obama yet fear that none of the GOP candidates has the ability to win in 2012.  And they are confused as to why none of their favorite Republicans was willing to step into the ring for the sake of the country. My personal favorite was Congressman Mike Pence.  When he announced his decision not to run in January of this year, I was forlorn and concerned as to why the man whom I thought most qualified to lead the country out of the abyss would not choose country over self.  Similarly, fellow Indianan, Governor Mitch Daniels, opted out, as did Congressman Paul Ryan and Governor Chris Christie later in the year.  Notwithstanding the urging of major political donors and GOP insiders, the seemingly strongest Republicans chose to leave the...(Read Full Article)