COPing with Climate-Change Misinformation

Right now, a climate-confab party is being held on the beaches of the Indian Ocean by the U.N.'s 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) -- this while the rest of us deal with real-world issues in a more mundane fashion.  In particular, American business and industry struggle to produce goods and services and employment for a hardworking and creative workforce. But when it comes to their role in society, industry operators are nearly always painted as the bad guys by environmentalists -- despite the fact that without the benefits of industry, much societal and individual advancement would not take place. Whether it's the socialist socialites splashing in the South African sun or the lunar-shot luminaries populating the Occupy Wall Street crowd, the constant message seems to be that the grand producers among us -- the industrialists -- are somehow out to enslave a workforce so as to enrich only themselves.  Yet the ploy is the same old progressive standby of class warfare...(Read Full Article)