Christopher Hitchens and the Meaning of Life

Christopher Hitchens, who was a well-known political iconoclast, provocateur, writer, commentator, and atheist, died on December 15.  Death has a sting for us all, but that sting must be greatest for an atheist -- at least for a thinking atheist like Hitchens.    No one can presume to know Hitchens' private thoughts (though Hitchens was quite transparent in his writings).  But Hitchens was a family man; he left a wife and children.  Leaving loved ones in death isn't a happy prospect for anyone, but it must be a truly forlorn prospect for an atheist, Hitchens not exempted.  A critical difference between an atheist and a believer in God is the believer's conviction that physical death isn't the end of life; separation from our loved ones in death isn't forever -- or even for very long (when stacked up against eternity).  Hitchens, an apostle of atheism, spoke and wrote eloquently and persuasively -- as were his gifts -- about the nonexistence of...(Read Full Article)