Alt Power Gestalt

We have been bombarded for years with lectures from Mr. Obama and the left in general about how America is "not doing enough" to "invest" in alternative energy sources.  A Google on "America alternative energy falling behind" yields 4,300,000 hits, like this one, which opens with this: "Analysts believe that unless the US government does more ..."  Analysts believe -- always a comforting sign.  And of course the government should be doing more, shouldn't it? Duly burdened by guilt that my government was not "doing more," I used to wonder how Germany, being so far north and overcast, could be a world leader in electric generation from solar panels.  I thought, "Wow, it's that fantastic German engineering!" Well, I was partly right, as a recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal makes clear.  Except it was not German engineering that created the miracle, but social engineering: tax consumers through mandated "feed-in tariffs" on their electric bills to...(Read Full Article)