A Message from Dems Every GOP Primary Voter Should Hear

One would expect Democrats to be down in the dumps with approval of Barack Obama's handling of the economy -- and other issues -- underwater. But GOP primary voters have given them a gift: support for Newt Gingrich. All voters in the GOP primaries should listen to the "inside the beltway" glee regarding the prospect of Newt Gingrich being the GOP nominee for President. Christmas has come early in Washington as headline after headline trumpet Gingrich's rise. The Obama campaign team indeed has reasons to celebrate. Here is the headline from Will Rahn's column in the Daily Caller: "Democrats' attacks on Romney indicate they would prefer Gingrich as the nominee."  Here are some telling quotes plucked from the article: The Democratic National Committee is upping its attacks on former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the apparent hope that his chief rival for the Republican presidential nomination, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, will become the GOP's standard-bearer in 2012. A...(Read Full Article)