A Kim-Less Christmas

This Christmas, the people of North Korea are without their messiah. For a sense of just how pathetic and evil was Kim Jong-Il, I thought I'd share a few anecdotes reflecting the singularly pernicious and even blasphemous nature of this man and what he created in his own image. Kim was truly a modern Stalin -- in some ways, worse. The vast majority of Americans, oblivious to the horrors of communism and of Kim, need to appreciate the nature of this beast who, mercifully, has left this world and thus freed his people from his madness. Kim's cult of personality began with the advent of his birth, which North Korea heralds as a second coming, eerily akin to the birth of Jesus Christ. Kim was born February 16, 1941, a date accorded the status of a national holiday and truly treated like Christmas. On that date, all North Koreans are allowed off work for the grandest parade, the highlight of which is a float marked by a glorious double rainbow and star -- indicative of the double rainbow...(Read Full Article)