2012: The Mess Gets Messier

2012 won't exactly be Morning in America.  Or morning anywhere else, except in a place like Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood is ushering in the sunrise of full-blown Sharia Law.  Or in Iran, where the mullahs and the blood-lusting Ahmadinejad are ever-nearer to having nuclear weapons capability.  One wonders if Iran's zealots have REM's It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) on their iPods for regular inspirational play? Other than buoyant Muslims fanatics, the rest of us have a right to be gloomy.  The propaganda about the economy turning the corner is just that, propaganda.  America's trustworthy mainstream media reports that unemployment is down, but the numbers are cooked; they've been cooked for a long time.  Go ask the underemployed and the discouraged not-looking- for-work-unemployed.  As Pontius Pilate remarked: "What is the truth?"  Christmas retail sales might give the economy a bump, but Christmas shopping tends...(Read Full Article)