What the Conservative Movement Can Learn from the Democrats after the Ohio Failure

After facing defeat in Ohio, conservatives must not give up hope in implementing positive change.  Conservatives should take a page out of the Democrats' handbook and learn to stick to one's candidates and ideology despite opposition and defeat. Ohio is a swing state where both sides are in a constant battle for control, with the red in the purple bleeding away and the blue gaining a slight upper hand, and then back again.  In 2010, Democrats were forced to swallow a bitter pill when Republican John Kasich won the heated campaign against the incumbent Democrat Governor Ted Strickland with a mere seventy seven thousand votes.  The Republicans also overtook the control of the Assembly by a considerable margin and upped their previous majority in the Senate, thanks to the rising anti-Obama sentiments and the growth of the Tea Party. With the Republicans in control of all three branches, they got straight to work to put the economy back on track.  Ohio Senate Bill 5...(Read Full Article)