We're Not Electing a Messiah

No one is perfect.  No one.  Not a single one of us has led a completely blameless life.  We've all said something that we wish we hadn't.  We've all lied, cheated, or stolen.  We've all done or said hurtful things.  Imperfection is a reality of the human condition.  We know and accept that we are flawed.  We realize that our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and neighbors are flawed.  If we accept this as true, why do we expect more from our potential elected leaders? Every day, you can turn on the cable news, or go to your favorite news or blog sites, and hear all about the Republican presidential candidates and how imperfect they are.  We all know about the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain.  Most agree that these charges have probably been completely fabricated.  That being the case, we are then subjected to constant criticism of his campaign's handling of these allegations.  Now we get to hear all...(Read Full Article)